Last Friday I went to the Metrocentre and thought I’d show you the candles I picked up. All the candles are under £2 and the longest burning time is 20 hours – I love smaller scented candles so I don’t get fed up of the smell.

I’ve linked to as many candles as I can find online so you can see information about ingredients etc.



Jar Candles (These are £1 each, which is great value, and all of them smell so nice)

Pearl Grey – This candle is so calming, it would be perfect to light before bed to help you relax.

Spiced Dusk – This is my favourite of all the candles I smelt in Primark, it’s so peppery with just a hint of orange. Perfect for Autumn!

Pink Lemonade – A slightly sour smell, you can really smell the rhubard on this. It takes me back to drinking pink lemonade as a child. I also got the diffuser as I like the smell of this so much. This diffuser burns for up to 4 weeks, great value for only a quid.


No probllama (£2) – I’m a bit late to the No Probllama bandwagon but it’s a lovely vanilla-y scent.


Yankee Candles

I got 4 Yankee Candle voltives from Cello, Poundworld and Candle Essence

Exotic Fruits (Home Inspirations by Yankee Candle, 75p, Poundworld) reminds me of being on holiday – it has a strong (but not overpowering) mango smell.

Ebony Oak (99p, Candle Essence) is another lovely Autumn-scented candle, with a woody overtone.

Sunset Breeze (99p, Candle Essence) has a tropical smell and is really energising, great for burning on a morning.

Spiced White Cocoa (1.99, Cello by Collectables) will be great as the nights get darker – it has a lovely salty smell, with a butterscotch after-smell.



Goji Berry and Citrus Leaf – this candle has such a calming smell, I think it would be nice to burn while you’re in the bath.


I also got this cute Halloween tealight holder from Poundworld. I can’t wait to use it next month.


And that’s everything! Thanks so much if you read my blog – let me know what your favourite place to buy candles is.


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