My 5-year plan

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As we enter 2018 I have decided now is the time to write my 5-year plan. When I look back to the start of 2013 I was in my second year at university in York, just starting a relationship, and had recently gotten a job at a lovely cafe in the centre. Since then I have graduated in York Minster with a 2:1 (with a first in my dissertation – one of my greatest accomplishments! ) and lived in two of my favourite countries. I’ve also visited some really beautiful cities, met some amazing people from around the world, and am currently studying a marketing qualification which I hope will lead to the next part of my career. So I’m really excited to see where I get to by 2023.



I am not particularly bothered about a relationship at the moment, although I think that will likely change by the time I’m 30. I’d like to focus on moving out of my parents’ house and feeling more settled into an adult life and see where life takes me before I worry about getting into a relationship. Saying that I would like to grow my social circle more – it’s been difficult as the people I went to school with have moved away and we’ve lost touch, and since university I haven’t really had the chance to make any strong friendships because of living away.



I’d really like to get into marketing and I’m currently doing a CIM qualification in marketing. I haven’t really decided what type of marketing I’d like to do yet, although I do want something more general and something where I can use my skills from my English degree. I’m currently working in a market research centre and while my job isn’t particularly demanding, it is interesting to see the views of the customers of the various clients we work with and to think how I’d deal with them (in an ideal world!)


One thing I definitely want to do over the next five years is continue to travel and see some of the wonderful places I have yet to explore. Brexit makes me really nervous as to what value a British passport will have by 2023, but I’m at least hoping we will know where we stand as citizens. I have been lucky enough to live in Europe as a TEFL teacher and I may go back to that one day as it’s a great way to earn while seeing other parts of the world. I’d also like to go further afield as I’ve never been to Africa or Asia, and I’d also love to see Australia and New Zealand. I’m hoping to write a travel bucket list some time this year. I’d also like to see more of the UK because it’s such a varied place with some great cities and beautiful rural areas.


I’d really like to be owning my own home, and certainly have moved out of my mum’s house! I’d like to be in the North of England, as I think we have some great cities and the prices are decent enough to have a good quality of life. I don’t want kids but I would love to have my own dog(s).

Finally I really want to pass my driving test this year – I’m not really that interested in cars but I know I want to have one with heated seats. An essential in winter!

What are you looking forward to accomplishing over the next 5 years?

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