Today I have decided to do the Rainbow Spines tag as I’ve seen it on a lot of other blogs and it seems a good way to share my book tastes.Rainbow Spines 2

Red – And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie.

The BBC made an adaptation of this at Christmas time in 2015, and I really enjoyed the story. It is about 10 people who are lured to an island and each are accused of a crime. Then they are slowly killed off, following the pattern of a poem called Ten Little Soldiers (in later editions). Of course, having already seen the adaptation I knew the ending but this was my introduction to Agatha Christie.

Orange – One Day – David Nicholls.

I first saw the film of this released in 2011 so again I knew the overall story and although I like the film, nothing can compare to the book. It tells the story of Emma and Dexter who meet on their last night of uni on 15th July 1988 and each 15th of July in their lives for the next 20 years. I love reading this book because of the era it’s set in, and just the fact that it feels like it could actually be a real person’s life.

Yellow The Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling

This is the first book Rowling released after she finished the Harry Potter series and on the first read I didn’t really enjoy it until the end third of the book, as I think many other people felt. However I’ve since re-read it and enjoyed it more. It’s about a town in England called Pagford and the problems caused when one of the parish councillors dies. I’m not sure I’d enjoy it as much if I didn’t live in rural England because I think you have to be able to relate to small town politics (however much you may not care about them) to relate to and enjoy the book.

Green – Brass Ring – Diane Chamberlain.

Diane Chamberlain is one of my favourite authors and in this book Claire fails to prevent another woman committing suicide, and this triggers memories in her that she has suppressed about her childhood that she’d previously thought was idyllic. This isn’t my favourite book Chamberlain book but is certainly still worth a read. Chamberlain is really good at creating characters you care about, even if they have done terrible things, and her characterisation is definitely a strength in this novel.

Light Blue – P.S. I Love You – Cecelia Ahern

P.S. I Love You is one of few books I’ve cried at and I found it at a time when I really needed to read a book about grieving. Holly has just lost her husband Gerry to a brain tumour and she finds a bundle of notes that Gerry has written her to help her get through the months after his death. This is such a beautiful book, although I wasn’t keen on the film adaptation as the book just has much more detail in it of Holly’s grief and how she manages to move on with her life.

Blue – The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night – Jen Campbell

This is a fairly new (last November) book by Jen Campbell who is one of my favourite booktubers. It’s a collection of short stories by Campbell, and although I haven’t read them yet I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Purple – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Illustrated Edition) – J.K. Rowling

I have wanted one of the illustrated editions of Harry Potter since they first started being released a few years ago. I love Prisoner of Azkaban and my parents got me this for my birthday last month. I haven’t read the illustrated edition yet but flicking through it and having watched the documentary with Rowling at the end of last year where some of the illustrations were used, I’m really looking forward to reading this soon.

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