10 things I can’t live without

I thought I’d do this “tag” of things I can’t live without, to show you a bit more of my personality. This obviously doesn’t include the usual (food, money, books…) , but they are the things I’d want with me on a desert island.

Bath Bombs


I tend to use a bath bomb at least once a week, and I’m a big fan of the Lush bath bombs, and especially bubble bars that they make. My favourite I’ve used lately is the Lord of Misrule which I was given by Lush in Gateshead when I bought a few bath bombs in the Autumn. It turned the water a beautiful mix of green and deep red. It made my skin feel lovely and it has patchouli oil in, which I’m loving at the moment.

My bed


I love sleeping, it’s my favourite hobby haha. But seriously I just feel so relaxed after a good night’s sleep.


Image result for disney logo dripping

I’ve been a fan of Disney since I can remember. It’s my favourite fandom, besides Harry Potter of course, and my favourite is, unsurprisingly for a 90’s kid, The Lion King.

My dog


I have always loved dogs, and looking at this picture how could any dog lover not have their dog in their top 10 list? Here’s my post about my lovely dog if you want to check it out.


OK, I don’t especially ‘like’ having glasses and being basically blind without them but I love picking out a new pair of thick frames. It’s an important choice when I’ll be wearing them every day until I get a new pair every few years.

Harry Potter

I love everything about Harry Potter and have done since I was 6 and first picked up CoS (yes I was one of those people who didn’t read PS first). I’m a sucker for the clothes, the new editions, the merch in Primark, and I loved visiting the Wizarding World in Florida. I’m desperate to go back to London for the studio tour because I haven’t been in about 7 years.

The internet

Is there any 20-something that could live without the internet? I’m old enough to remember when the dial up made that weird noise, but young enough to still like twitter, instagram, facebook and blogging. I want to work in marketing, especially social media, and I don’t think there’s a job today that doesn’t require the internet.

Jeans and converse


I could never be a fashion blogger – I’m just too into my comfy skinny jeans and converse. I got these converse in the sale and I love getting brand new converse dirty. So I wouldn’t recommend reading my blog if you’re into makeup and fashion bloggers, haha


My absolute favourite food, and basically the reason I decided to move to Italy for a year. I really miss being able to grab a slice of genuine pizza from a stall for a Euro, although it probably didn’t help my figure. In the UK I really love Pizza Express, the base is definitely the most similar to the ones I had in Italy.


I’m not a big fan of alcohol but I do love prosecco, I just love sparkling wine. When I lived in Italy I would always want a glass of prosecco with my food which my Italian friends thought was very British-tourist-esque, but it was very nice.

3 thoughts on “10 things I can’t live without

  1. I have 8 out of 10 of the same can’t live withouts. I like bath bombs and procecco but could survive without. I think I’d sub them for chips (my ultimate healthy eating kryptonite) and movies in general. Because it’s probably my most out of the house activity I enjoy.

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