My Harry Potter facts

Today I wanted to talk about my Harry Potter stats, and if I feel they represent me.

My house is Hufflepuff which I feel really represents me. I’m a loyal person and will always defend my friends, even when they might do stupid stuff. I can’t abide people who don’t think fairly about things – for example people who think they’re above you because of their job, class or where they’re from. I feel like I’m quite hardworking too, I finished my dissertation at uni quite early and I made my dream come true of living in Italy for a year for example. I’m probably not the most patient of people, but that tends to be when people are not being fair, rather than just being needlessly impatient.

When I first sorted on Pottermore I was a hat stall between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but I chose Hufflepuff. When I got resorted when the Pottermore site completely changed I was a straight Hufflepuff, but still with Ravenclaw tendencies. I was never somebody who got A*s at school, but I do love reading and more studious subjects, so I think there’s some Ravenclaw there too.

Patronus Analysis 034 Black Mare
If this is your patronus then you have express yourself freely and have a true and honest Soul. You do not hide the truth and express your emotions well.
Those with the Black Mare are gentle and kind of heart.

My patronus is a black mare. I can’t even remember the way you get your patronus on Pottermore, but I’m allergic to horses so I can’t really imagine this would be my actual patronus if I were a Hogwarts student. My ideal would be a dog or canine of some kind.

Picture of wand

My wand is laurel with unicorn hair 10 3/4 inches.

A laurel wand means I can’t perform a dishonourable act, and don’t like laziness. I think this fits with my Hufflepuff hardworking qualities so I quite like that. Unicorn hair also means that I produce consistent magic, and doesn’t like the dark arts. Both laurel and unicorn say they are attached to their first owner, which is nice haha! 10 3/4″ seems to be the normal range, so there’s not much to say about that! I also have a rigid wand, which means I am not particularly adaptable to change. I do like my own pattern, but I’ve lived in two other countries so as long as I’m doing what I want to do, I don’t mind some change.

Finally, my Ilvermorny house is Pukwudgie. As a Brit I’d be at Hogwarts anyway so I didn’t really care about this result, but this house favours the heart and likes healers. I don’t know that that particularly suits me, but I think the stats are a lot of Hufflepuffs are also Pukwudgies so I’ll go with that.

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