Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved but Will Never Re-read

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday has the prompt books I loved but will never re-read. This is quite an interesting prompt because it’s hard to know what books I would never re-read but here are a few books I loved that I haven’t read since I did so the first time. They fit into a few different types of books that I’ve grouped together. And as it’s me I’ve only got 9 books on the list, I can never seem to get the ten.

Books that made me cry

Image result for before i die downhamImage result for elsewhereImage result for vicky angel

Before I die – Jenny Downham. This is a beautiful book about a teenage girl who is dying of cancer, and has a bucket list of things she wants to do before she dies. Clearly it’s a really sad book, but as the quote on the cover says it did genuinely make me grateful to be alive.

Elsewhere – Gabrielle Zevin. This book is about a teenage girl who dies when she’s hit by a car. She wakes up in “Elsewhere” which felt a little bit like heaven, and there is an observation deck where you can watch people who are still living which is gorgeous if a bit tragic. My favourite thing about the book is that everyone in Elsewhere ages backwards until they reach the age of zero when they are then reborn.

Vicky Angel – Jacqueline Wilson. I think this is the first book I ever read that dealt with grief. I read it when I was about 9, and I think Jacqueline Wilson has great books for children that deal with important issues. Vicky Angel deals with a girl whose best friend dies and it shows the feelings children go through in a way they will understand.

Books I read as a child or teenager

Image result for goosebumpsImage result for lord of the flies

Goosebumps – I really enjoyed the Goosebumps series when I was a kid. I was just slightly too young for the target audience when they were really popular, but I would often get them in charity shops. The TV series obviously always scared me too haha. If you liked Goosebumps, I really recommend the Goosebuds podcast too.

Lord of the Flies – William Golding. We had to read this book at school and I don’t think it was til I thought about it as an adult that I realised I actually quite liked this book. I’m not sure I’ll get round to reading it again, but it’s one of few older books I really enjoyed reading.

LGBT books

Man's WorldImage result for rainbow boys

Man’s World – Rupert Smith.  I listened to this book on audiobook a few months ago, and I did really enjoy it but I’m not sure I feel the need to re-read it.

Rainbow Boys – Alex Sanchez. Alex Sanchez was the first LGBT author I read, and I loved him. Looking back it wasn’t really great writing but in my teens I collected and read all of his books. Rainbow Boys was definitely my favourite of his books.


Image result for marley and me bookImage result for my sister milly

Marley and Me – John Grogan. This was such a cute book, and I love dogs so I couldn’t not love this book but for me I usually only read non-fiction books once and then I feel like it’s finished.

My Sister Milly – Gemma Dowler. I’ve mentioned this book a lot over the last few weeks but I can’t recommend it enough. However, as with Marley and Me, I feel like I’ve read it now and I don’t really need to re-read it.

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