Top Ten Tuesday

The prompt this week from Top Ten Tuesday was Frequently Used Words in [Insert Genre / Age Group] Titles. I don’t really have enough books that I know from a specific genre so I decided to do top 10 words from my Read list on Goodreads. I only have about 120 books on there anyway, but I just thought it would be a simple top 10 Tuesday.


1. Harry – not really surprising as my favourite series is HP.

2. Potter (see above hehe)

flying harry potter GIF

3. Boy – This surprises me because I usually read books with women as the main character, but there are a lot of “boyfriend” titles!

excited black and white GIF

4. World

a whole new world aladdin GIF

5. Girl – Some romances, and a few girls in places bad things are gonna happen (on the train, on the stairs…)

6. One 

7. Secret – A few forbidden romances, and my least favourite of the HP series.

lips are sealed love GIF

8. You – Again, lots of romance books. I didn’t realise how much romance I’ve read until I did this blog post

9. Rainbow – I am seeing a theme with my books on my read list. Rainbows, boyfriends, love… #girly. I’ve also read quite a few LGBT books, which rely a lot on rainbows!

10. Love

i love flower GIF by cintascotch

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