Epic Reads Tag

I saw this tag a few months ago on A Dance with Books and I thought I would do it today (read: totally stole this tag). Hope to see this on some other people’s blogs if you’ve not already done it.

I’m so predictable but it would be JK Rowling and Hermione Granger. I’d want to pick their brains – Jo’s for her amazing creativity and all the answers she has about the wizarding worly, and Hermione because she might be the most intelligent character I’ve ever read. I can’t really cook through so I’d be ordering in pizza and we’d have ice cream and loads of snacks 🙂

What book do you wish the author would write a prequel for?

I can’t pick Harry Potter again… I’m reading the Hunger Games trilogy at the moment so I guess I’d like to read a book about Haymitch’s games.

Which two characters (not from the same book) would make a good couple?

I’m not really bothered about romance outside of the relationships characters are already in. I didn’t even spot Ginny/Harry because I loved Cho so much…

If you ran into your favourite author on the subway and only could say one sentence to them, who is it and what would it be?

“Please sign my book”. Do I honestly have to say who my favourite author is?

What book made you a reader and why?

Why is every answer Harry Potter? It’s genuinely the first series I read to myself though, and I started when I was about 7. I also loved Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger.

Incendio! Your bookshelf just caught fire. Show the book you’d save.

Now I need to prepare a whole sack of books that I’d just grab, and store them right beside my dog’s bed.

Which dystopian world would you want to live in if you had to choose one and why?

The only dystopian I’ve ever read is the Hunger Games, and no way would I want to be in that world.

What is you most epic read of all time?

Depending how you define “epic” but the longest book I’ve read on my Goodreads is Order of the Phoenix at well over 700 pages.

4 thoughts on “Epic Reads Tag

  1. Yes I loved Jacqueline Wilson so much! I still own some of her books! Which were your favourites? Mine were Candyfloss, Midnight and The Illustrated Mum


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