HP Anniversary: Days 2 and 3

I had a really busy day yesterday, so I thought I’d complete both days 2 and 3 tonight. If you want to take part in the rest of the anniversary week, details are here.

Day 2: Rank the books


Image result for order of the phoenix cover OotP is just too long, at times it feels like not much is happening. Plus there’s Umbridge, the easiest character to hate in the whole series.


Image result for chamber of secrets cover Not that I don’t like CoS but it’s the most boring plot in the series for me. Also, Lockhart -’nuff said


Image result for deathly hallows cover Too many deaths, too much camping.


Image result for philosopher's stone cover This is still a magical start to the series, but I prefer the later, more indepth books.


Image result for half blood prince cover I really like the Pensieve scenes in the book. My favourite parts of the books are always things that happened before the series takes place.


Image result for goblet of fire cover As I said, I love the pensieve, which is introduced in this book. And I like the Triwizard tournament too, it just feels a bit different to the other books.


Image result for prisoner of azkaban cover I love the Marauder’s backstory, Lupin is the teacher everyone wanted at school.

Day 3: Top 7 Favourite Characters

Luna Lovegood: Luna is my absolute favourite character. She’s so accepting of everyone, including herself, and she’s a great role model. Rowling always talks about Hermione being a role model for girls who are nerdy and of course she is, but I think Luna is the most important role model in the series.

Ginny Weasley: I love Ginny in the books, and she’s another great role model. She’s so strong and cool. It’s such a shame she’s underused in the films.

Nymphadora Tonks: When Tonks was first introduced in OotP I just loved her. She was another character I just thought was so cool, and I really liked that she showed what people were like just after they leave Hogwarts.

Remus Lupin: Remus is the best teacher in the whole series. He’s so fair, but I think his character development is great as well, it really shows how the war affects him. I really like how Rowling uses him to show how people will illnesses are treated, especially the AIDS symmetry.

Sirius Black: I love Sirius, too. He divides so many people, he’s like Marmite, but his death was the first book-death I ever cried at, it was so well written. I feel very sorry for his life, and a lot of people do say the way he was with Snape was terrible, but going to Azkaban so early in adulthood he never really grew up.

Rubeus Hagrid: I just want to give Hagrid a hug, he’s like a grandad in the book. I love how much he loves all his magic creatures, and how he’s so prepared to stand by Harry and do what it takes to keep him alive.

Fang: I just love Fang too. He’s so innocent, and his friendship with Hagrid is lovely. I love dogs and he’s the best dog in the series.

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