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Love Will Tear Us Apart – Holly Seddon – 2018 – Contemporary

Netgalley Summary:

Fearing eternal singledom, childhood friends Kate and Paul make the age-old vow that if they don’t find love by thirty, they will marry each other.

Years later, with the deadline of their 30th birthdays approaching, the unlikely couple decide to keep their teenage promise. After all, they are such good friends. Surely that’s enough to make a marriage?

Now, on the eve of their 10th wedding anniversary, they will discover that love between men and women is more complex, and more precarious, than they could ever have imagined. As Kate struggles with a secret that reaches far into their past, will the couple’s vow become the very thing that threatens their future?

My Thoughts:

This book is told from Kate’s point of view, and follows her story leading to the present. Kate had so many problems in this book, and while they were believable I just didn’t have any patience with her. She brought a lot of the issues on herself, and then expected the people around her to feel sorry.

I also found Paul quite problematic. He was a very cold and distant character and because the novel focused so much on Kate, there was never a real explanation (even as I finished the novel) of why he was so unpleasant. I think we are supposed to feel sympathy with him at the end of the book, but I just wanted to roll my eyes.

I found the character I could relate to most was Paul’s mum and I would have actually liked to see more of her story explored, although it wasn’t relevant to the main story line. Although we found out quite early that she is part Romani, there is never any reason to that, apart from bringing some diversity to the novel.

There’s not a lot to say about this book for me. My favourite thing was looking at the flashbacks into Kate and Paul’s pasts to see how they got to where they are now.

Unfortunately this book just isn’t very memorable. I only finished it a couple of days ago, and I can remember very little of the story. I actually had to look up the main character’s names, and I kept being pulled out of the story. I think that’s because the timelines kept jumping around so much, and because I was reading it in eBook format I couldn’t easily flip through to find out how much time had gone between scenes.

I also found the ending a bit underwhelming. There is a letter mentioned repeatedly throughout the novel and unfortunately the stories I created in my mind where more exciting than what actually happened.

One thing I did love about the novel was the cover. I really liked the colours and it definitely drew me to the book.

I gave this book 3/5 on Goodreads. If you’re looking for a slower read I think you’ll enjoy this book, but I went into it (like a lot of other reviewers I’ve seen) thinking it was a thriller and getting a slow burning family drama.

I was given this book from Netgalley and Corvus in exchange for an honest review.

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