Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’ve Given Up On / Don’t Plan To Finish

The Top Ten Tuesday theme this week is about series you don’t plan on finishing. I rarely ever read series because I don’t like the commitment of sourcing and reading books that may still be being published. The only two series I can remember finishing (certainly in adulthood) are Harry Potter and The Hunger Games – and I had to force myself through Mockingjay. And the only series I am currently waiting for is the Cormoran Strike novels, again by J.K. Rowling (no surprises there!)

In any case, today I only have 5 series on this Top 10 list this week, so apologies for that!

Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging –

Louise Rennison

Image result for angus thongs and perfect snogging cover

These books were pretty big when I was in my early teens, and I really enjoyed the movie. I read a few of the books after I saw the movie, but by that time I was 15 and I think I was just past the target age for the books. I think if I’d been a couple of years younger I’d have finished the series.

Bridget Jones – Helen Fielding

Image result for bridget jones cover book

I read Bridget Jones Diary and the sequel The Edge of Reason because I really liked the movies. By the time Bridget Jones’ Baby came out though, I had no interest in reading about it. Maybe if/when that life stage comes for me I’ll enjoy it, but I didn’t really like the style of the first two novels, so I’m not in a rush to read the others.

Hercule Poirot series – Agatha Christie

Image result for murder on the orient express book

The only book in this series I’ve read is Murder on the Orient Express, and while I really liked it, there are another 30-something books, and loads of short stories. I usually only read Agatha Christie when I’ve seen an adaptation of it so I can visualise the story so I don’t think I’ll get to the other books unless the BBC brings out others in the series.

Maximum Ride series – James Patterson

Image result for maximum ride

I read the first few of those when I was in middle school, and although I really liked them at that age, I grew out of them after the first few (I’m seeing a pattern here).

Twilight – Stephanie Meyer

Image result for twilight cover

Again these books were very popular, and I bought the series perfectly expecting to read them. Then I opened Twilight, got less than halfway through and gave up. I know some people have great memories of these books, but I prefer more traditional vampires!

Let me know if there are any series you have enjoyed reading that you think I may like (I like thrillers, horror and family dramas mostly! )

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