The Bookshelf Tag

I originally saw this tag on Drinking by My Shelf’s Youtube Channel a few months ago, although the creator is Dane Reads. It’s a relatively new tag and I thought I’d give it a go.

How many bookshelves do you have?

I have two bookshelves.

How many books are on your bookshelves? Or how many books do you think you have?

Currently there are about 30 bookshelves on my bedroom shelf, and maybe another 20 on my other bookshelf that are my own books.

How do you organise your books?

My bedroom shelf is for my Harry Potter collection and any other books I adore (mostly my Diane Chamberlain books), as it’s quite a small shelf. Any other books I put on my other shelf.

What is the oldest book on your bookshelf?

In my bedroom, it’s my copy of the Philosopher’s Stone, which is probably just under 20 years old.

What is the newest book on your bookshelf?

The most recent Robert Galbraith book, which is still a few years old but I don’t really buy new books.

What is the longest book on your bookshelf?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

What is the shortest book on your bookshelf?

Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block

What is the predominant genre on your bookshelf?

Fantasy and Mystery

Have you done a bookshelf tour?

I’ve never seen these on blogs, are they more of a booktube thing? I don’t really care for them anyway

Go to a random number generator and talk about the book that corresponds with that number

18 – The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith. I wasn’t as enamoured with this as I was with the predecessor (A Cuckoo’s Calling) but if you like quaint mysteries then I’d check the series out.

Do you have fan merch or any other decorations on your bookshelf?

I have the Harry Potter potions lights from Primark, as well as a Honeydukes jar I got from the Universal in Florida.

Show us your bookshelf

Not a great quality picture, but I decided to write this at 10 o’clock at night when there’s no natural light…

davAnyway, hope you enjoyed the tag. Do feel free to do this one if you haven’t already and check out the booktube channels I tagged. I really like Drinking by my Shelf!

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