The Nope Tag

I saw this on Chrissi Reads a few months ago, so I decided to do The Nope Tag this Saturday. It’s originally from The BookTube Book channel.

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Nope: Book ending:

Mockingjay from the Hunger Games trilogy. I honestly wish HG was the only book in the series, the other two just bore me a bit.

Nope: Protagonist

Katniss. Sometimes I love her, later in the series she gets on my nerves.

Nope: Series you didn’t enjoy or won’t continue with

I don’t really read many series because of the commitment. I’m always being told that I need to read Game of Thrones, but I just don’t care about series.

Nope: Ship I don’t support

I really don’t like Lupin/Tonks. I’m rereading Order of the Phoenix and while I love both characters individually it feels a bit shoehorned. And look how it ends, with two of my favourite characters dead. (Might also be because I’ve sailed the HMS Wolfstar for as long as I can remember…)

harry potter hp GIF

Nope: Plot twist

I don’t think I’ve read a book with a plot twist I didn’t like. I’ve only read a few where the plot twist stands out, and most of them are thrillers like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train both of which I quite enjoyed.

Nope: Protagonist decision

Whenever Harry decides not to ask his friends for help. Every time he eventually asks for help it’s too late.

Nope: Genre

Fantasy. I just can’t be bothered having to learn about whole new worlds and how they work.

Nope: Book format

I like both physical books and e-books, but I can’t really get away with audiobooks. They take too much concentration if I want to do something else at the same time.

Nope: Trope

Where the boy is just too cool to be in love with that girl that he is actually in love with.

Nope: Cliche/Pet Peeve

Books where the MC’s school is like something out of High School Musical where everyone is friends and there are no real problems like bullying except those that happen to the MC.

high school musical sixteen sixteen sixteen days of hig GIF

Nope: Recommendation

I only really get book recommendations from videos I watch on BookTube, and I don’t think I’ve read a book I’ve seen in a video that I haven’t liked so far.

Nope: Love Interest

Peeta and Katniss. I just never got that ship, there never seems to be a point where I believe it’s gone from Katniss pitying him to actually loving him.

jennifer lawrence film GIF

Nope: Book

Life of Pi – For some reason I just didn’t really enjoy this book. I think it’s because I’m not a fan of literary writing, so I’m often turned off by Man Booker prize winners. I do really like the film though.

Nope: Villain

I don ‘t usually read books with “villains” so I’d have to say Voldemort.

Nope: Death

Probably Sirius. That’s the first time I remember crying at a book.

Nope: Author

I’ve never had an author I would rule out before. It just depends if they wrote a book that interested me.

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