Tell Me Something Tuesday #2

This week’s Tell Me Something Tuesday theme is “What do you love about Autumn reading?” I’m really not an Autumn fan once it gets past early September – the weather in the UK gets colder and it really affects my mood but here are a few things I do love about the season.

Hot Chocolate from Costa

Image result for costa hot chocolateI love hot chocolate but summer never seems an appropriate time to drink it. One of the only good things about colder weather is sipping a hot chocolate while reading your book, and for me the best chain hot chocolate is definitely Costa – preferably with a millionaire shortbread.

Reading under your favourite blanket

A blanket, the aforementioned hot chocolate and a good book – what’s not to like?

Walking in the colourful Autumn leaves with an audiobook

I love taking my dog for a long walk in my beautiful village with an audiobook and seeing all the colours changing on the trees. Also my dog running through piles of leaves when she sees a squirrel – hilarious!

dog autumn GIF

Readathons I’m looking forward to

There are also a few readathons I’m looking forward to this Autumn – the main one is from a new podcast discovery of mine Books in the Freezer. This is a horror book podcast so naturally they’re running a Halloween themed readathon, perfect excuse to get some horror read.


I saw a lot of booktubers talking about Nonfiction November last year so I’m hoping that is an annual thing and I have an excuse to read some non-fiction.

What are some things you are looking forward to this Autumn? Are you planning to do the Books in the Freezer readathon? Let me know your TBR!

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