Top 5 Tuesday: Tropes I want more of

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday theme is ‘Tropes I want more of.’ I don’t tend to notice tropes too much, I think because I don’t read sci fi and fantasy much and doing a quick google these seem to be the genres that can be more tropey. I do have a few tropes in books that I love though.

Disappearing Friends / Family

When I read or watch thrillers or crime fiction I quite like the plot of the MC’s friend or family going missing. In particular I liked The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall, and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (especially how the trope changed in it).


I remember after Twilight came out, vampires were everywhere. I didn’t enjoy the Twilight series when I tried to read it but I love reading vampire stories when they’re well written. My favourite vampire story is Underwood and Flinch by Mike Bennett, although this is a podcast rather than a novel.

jean rollin film GIF

Seeing the character’s memories

I really like scenes where we go back into the character’s memories. One of my favourite things about Half Blood Prince was all the pensieve scenes about Tom Riddle, and I also love Diane Chamberlain’s books where she often looks at how events in the character’s life are affecting their lives in the present.

Will they, won’t they

I don’t read a lot of novels which include a lot of romance but if it’s well written I love (no pun intended) romances where you are guessing if the characters will get together or not. I think this comes from reading Ron and Hermione as a kid, but there’s no better summer read than a fluffy will they, won’t they.

harry potter love GIF

Socially Awkward Characters

Being a socially awkward person myself, I love those characters who are straight to the point and are genuinely bad at small talk. Loads of detectives seem to fall into this trope, my favourite being Cormoran Strike.

career of evil cb strike GIF by Cinemax

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Tropes I want more of

  1. Awesome post! YES we need more socially awkward characters – makes it so much more relatable!! I also did a post, feel free to check it out if you want 🙂

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  2. Yes to the socially awkward characters! And you just HAVE to read The Kiss Qutient by helen Hoang as Stella is the definition of socially awkward 😉

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