Tell Me Something Tuesday #3

This week’s Tell Me Something Tuesday asks “What horror movies would you recommend for the Halloween season?”

I don’t often watch horror movies. I do enjoy them but none of my friends like horror, so I end up watching them on my own (not a good idea!). Here are 5 movies perfect for Halloween!

It (2017)

Image result for it 2017

I loved watching this in the cinema, as it’s such a great big screen movie. The kids in the cast were great actors (I especially loved Beverley and Eddie), and I thought Pennywise was terrifying. I can’t wait for the sequel that shows that happens when the kids next meet It. I really want to read the book too, although I’ve heard mixed reviews!

The Others

Image result for the others

If there was only 1 horror movie I could recommend it would be The Others. I love Nicole Kidman in this creepy movie set after the World War, where a family are tormented by some ghostly goings on! It’s so creepy and the ending is the perfect twist.

The Sixth Sense

Image result for sixth sense

Another great twist ending film is The Sixth Sense. This film terrified me when I first watched it, as so many of the ghosts are so scary and the soundtrack captures the scenes perfectly. As I’ve watched it a few times since, what strikes me is actually how sad this film is. Toni Colette is perfect as Cole’s mother who is still grieving for her own mother and struggling with her son’s issues (of course, she has no idea he can see dead people.)


Image result for halloween michael myers

One of my favourite classic horror films is Halloween. It’s not particularly scary by today’s standards but it is an inspiration for so many of the slasher films we see today, and often it’s much better produced.


Image result for coraline

Coraline is my favourite Halloween movie to watch, and it’s great for kids or people who don’t like horror. The button-eyed people are so creepy, I find it more unsettling than a lot of proper horror films.

4 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday #3

  1. I haven’t seen the new It yet, but the old version was pretty cool!
    I liked all the other movies as well – perfect choices for the season 🙂


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