Books for Ravenclaws

I missed this week’s Top 5 Tuesday as I wasn’t feeling very well, but I love the Harry Potter theme this month so much that I wanted to show you my books for Ravenclaws. Let me know what books you’d choose for the blues.

Image result for ravenclaw pottermore

Harry Potter Book – The Half Blood Prince. I feel like Ravenclaw’s would love seeing all the memories and piecing together the information about the horcruxes. I’m sure if Harry was a Ravenclaw the last book would have been a lot shorter because he’d actually have figured out the hiding places much quicker!

Image result for half blood prince

A Night to Remember – This is a really interesting novel about the sinking of the Titanic, based on witness accounts. I think Ravenclaws would enjoy the historical basis of the book within a novel style of writing.

Image result for a night to remember

And then there were none – I can also imagine Ravenclaw’s loving murder mysteries, particularly Agatha Christie. If anyone can guess the murderer before the end of the book, it’s a Ravenclaw and And Then There Were None is still my favourite Christie.

Image result for and then there were none

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops – If Ravenclaws were muggles, they would definitely work in/ own a bookshop. And I love this satirical look at customers in bookshops from Jen Campbell, it fits right in with the judgemental nature of a Ravenclaw.

Image result for weird things customers say in bookshops

Notes on a Scandal – Barbara, the main character in this novel, seems to epitomise the worst parts of the Ravenclaw nature to me. Sure she’s intelligent enough to become a teacher, but she is such a judgemental person and only really friends with people for what she can get out of it (I can totally see her judging Luna!)

Image result for notes on a scandal

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