Books for Slytherins

The final house in Top 5 Tuesday‘s Hogwarts series is Slytherin, so here are my recommendations for all my serpent followers.

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Harry Potter book: Chamber of Secrets – This is the book where we find out the most about Slytherin house and the ancestry of the house, I wish there had been a book on Hufflepuff’s history.

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Bird Box – I think there could be no better genre to read in the Slytherin common room than horror. There are so many good horror novels to choose from but Bird Box is one that quickly came to my mind!

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Dolores Claiborne – Another of my favourite horror novels – I think anyone who’s read Dolores Claiborne would agree she would be in Slytherin. She’s a bad b*tch and doesn’t let anyone take her for a ride, and yet she’s also ready to defend her family.

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Goosebumps – While I can see the older Slytherin students reading Stephen King by the fire, I definitely think the first and second years would love Goosebumps and Point Horror as a first step.

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This is Going to Hurt – I had to fit in a book about Slytherin’s ambitious side, right? This is my favourite non-fiction of last year and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re interested in the NHS.

Image result for this is going to hurt

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