My favourite fictional friendships

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday theme is to name 5 friendships that you love in fiction. There are so many great friendships in books and I often prefer them to romantic relationships. What are your favourite friendships?

Marley and John – There’s a reason dogs and humans are best friends. Marley is such a sweet dog, and I love this memoir, it really sums up being a dog owner.

Image result for marley and me

Newt and Jacob – One of the reasons I loved the original Fantastic Beasts film was this friendship. I’m so glad Jacob was back in the sequel, I’m not sure there could be a cuter bromance!

Image result for newt jacob

The Marauders – Everytime I reread the Harry Potter series I love the sections about the marauders. Sirius and Remus are two of my favourite characters, and I find looking at how their story shaped the present storyline really interesting.

Katniss and Gale – I’m not a fan of the later HG books, but I love Gale and Katniss’ relationship in the first book. They are so protective of each other and willing to fight to prove it.

Image result for katniss and gale

Bruno and Shmuel – This is such a heartbreaking friendship but out of all of the list this is the truest. If you’ve read this book, you will understand how Bruno’s actions at the end show how true a friend he has become to Shmuel.

Image result for bruno shmuel

10 thoughts on “My favourite fictional friendships

  1. I had to click the moment I saw that pic of Newt and Jacob! If I was doing this list i think I’d also have Strike and Robin from JK Rowling’s crime novels, they have the most heart-warming banter moments together- it’s worth reading Lethal White just for those if u haven’t already 😊


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