Youtubers and Mental Health

This week in the UK it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. There are some great resources on the Mental Health Foundation website here but I wanted to highlight some youtube channels that discuss mental health.

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What Mia Did Next

Mia is a recovered anorexia sufferer, who started her channel during the early part of her recovery, almost 6 years ago. She has a great mix of videos on her channel that I find interesting even as someone who has never had an ED. She talks about modern issues to do with dieting and EDs, as well as offering options for recovery goal setting, dealing with pressure from social media and ED coverage in the media, all with a great Aussie attitude.

Kati Morton

Kati is a licensed therapist in the US who has made videos on a wide range of mental health issues. I particularly like the mix on her channel of what is… [condition], how do i [do this] with [this condition] and the videos where she talks about contemporary issues like new Netflix shows or celebrities. This is a great channel both for those with existing conditions, as well as friends or family to gain a better understanding.

Jen Campbell

Jen is a writer and also has a booktube channel which I love. She lives with ECC Syndrome which is a genetic developmental disorder and she talks a lot about how disability is represented, particularly in fiction, as well as how her disability and subsequent medical treatments have affected her self esteem.

Portal in the Pages

Sophie is another booktube channel who also talks about her MH. She lives with BPD and has regular videos updating you on her health and giving some suggestions as to how you can have better mental health in both everyday and crisis times, as well as her book-themed videos. Some of my favourites are:

Crisis Survival Mental Health Chat World Mental Health Day How to Make a Mindfulness Box


Dodie doesn’t talk too much about her MH on her channels as she mostly focuses on her music, but I did just want to highlight her videos on depersonalisation as I think they brought a lot of attention to the condition.

Gary C

Image result for gary c

Gary talks a lot about Disney, and makes really cute videos with his young niece and nephew. I find him very calming to watch, as I think he is one of the most down to earth youtuber. He hasn’t made too many MH-specific videos recently, but some of my favourites are:

Am I my medication? Self Care Positivity Negative Thinking

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