Review: You could do something amazing with your life [You are Raoul Moat]

You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat] – Andrew Hankinson – 2016 – True Crime

This true crime book is an account of the murderer Raoul Moat, who in 2010 shot his girlfriend, killed her new boyfriend and blinded a police officer due to his perception that Northumbria Police (who cover Tyne and Wear and Northumberland, England) were targeting him.

This book was stylistically very interesting as it was told in the second person, as though you as the reader are Moat. The author states that his aim was to stay within Moat’s mind, and this makes for an engaging and novel-esque account.

While there is no way I could sympathise with Moat and his actions, being told the story from his point of view only allows you to see how he came to take the actions he did. A lot of the book is broken up into very small paragraphs of a sentence or two, but at times you get longer sections which are direct from the recordings he made of his thoughts and I found these particularly interesting.

I’d give this book 5/5. It’s my first non-fiction read of the year (oops) and it was definitely worth it. Despite remembering the main events that happened that week of Moat’s attack, I learnt a lot from this book. There was plenty of information, without feeling like the writer is throwing all their knowledge at you – sometimes a rarity in true crime.

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