Book Review: Come Closer – Sara Gran – 2003 – Horror

Goodreads Summary:

If everything in Amanda’s life is so perfect, then why the mood swings, the obscene thoughts, the urge to harm the people she loves? What are those tapping sounds in the walls? And who’s that woman following her? The mystery behind what’s happening to Amanda in Come Closer is so frightening that it “ought to carry a warning to…readers.”

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed Come Closer – at just under 200 pages, it’s an interesting horror novella and I enjoyed the slow taking over of the main character as the demon gains more and more control – it gave me a real feeling of fighting against something even though you knew it was going to win.

I thought the creepiest scene of the book was when the narrator visited the psychologist. Psychologists and medical professionals are supposed to be people you can trust, and I think it plays on a real life fear that you could trust a professional only to have them betray that trust.

I also thought it was interesting that as the MC started off as an ordinary person and the possession happened quite gradually, it felt like it could happen in reality, yet the quick pace of the book also made it feel quite accelerated. It felt like an allegory about mental health and the way that it can control you, especially as I read the last few scenes.

I think the only way this book could have been improved is that I didn’t find it scary enough – I am yet to find a horror book that truly scares me, rather than just thinking it’s creepy although I know plenty of people who were recommending this book found it terrifying.

I gave this book 4/5. It was quite a creepy novella, and I think it’d be perfect for a dark, stormy Halloween night.

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