My favourite small(er) Booktubers

So I took a long (and well-needed) blogging hiatus in September but I’m back today with Top 5 Tuesday’s first October theme – my Top 5 Favourite booktubers. This was such a hard topic for me because I love booktube, so instead of highlighting all the amazing booktubers that everyone is watching already (Lauren, Mercedes, Leena, Sanne, Jean…) I thought I’d highlight some of my favourite who have less than 10k subscribers but deserve loads more!

Drinking by my Shelf

Why I love the channel:

Emma’s personality! She’s so chatty and friendly and comes across really down to Earth

Balancing the books – where Emma tries to reduce her TBR by showing you what she’s read and what’s gone onto her TBR for the last month

Also check out the Book Break channel where Emma does different themed videos for upcoming books or special events.

Getting Hygge With It

Why I love the channel:

April reads a lot of thrillers which is one of my favourite genres – I get lots of recommendations from her

She’s been really honest about the struggles she’s had with IVF and pregnancy and it’s been lovely to see her finally have a baby.

It’s also nice to watch a booktuber from Canada – so many of the channels I watch are Brits, so I get some recommendations from across the pond.

Matthew Sciarappa

Why I love the channel:

Matthew’s sass and absolute honesty about everything he reads

He posts about readathons a lot so I get to know what’s going on in the book community

He does a lot of individual book reviews – normally I don’t love those kinds of videos, but he makes them really accessible and funny


Why I love the channel:

There is a real mix of horror and contemporary literature on TheBookWorm’s channel

She does interesting and honest single book reviews

TheBookWorm is the smallest channel I follow, so do go check her out if you’re a horror fan.

Tired Mama Tries To Read

Why I love the channel:

Long, relaxing bookish vlogs

Charlotte talks about books that are different to the newest bestsellers that a lot of the other booktubers discuss, especially non-fiction and backlist books

Lots of shots of English country gardens

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