Books with creepy atmospheres

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is 5 creepy atmospheres – perfect for the Halloween season. Let me know what your favourite books are with creepy settings.

Come Closer – Sara Gran

Image result for come closer sara gran

This is an interesting novella about a woman who is slowly becoming possessed. The tension ramps up so achingly slow that you don’t really realise it’s happening, but what I love about the setting is that it feels like something that could actually be true.

Ghost Wall – Sarah Moss

Image result for ghost wall cover

This is the only non-horror on the list, but Sarah Moss’s descriptions of the ancient ruins were too perfect not to include.

It – Stephen King

Image result for it stephen king

Stephen King is great at creating back story and characters that I love (to hate), but Derry is so creepy. I love all the exposition we get in this novel, especially the stories of Neibolt Street, the standpipe and the Black Spot.

The Shining – Stephen King

Image result for the shining book

Another of my favourite Stephen King novels, I couldn’t think of any worse place to spend my Winter than the cut-off Overlook Hotel. There’s a decomposing lady in the bathroom, creepy maze animals and some seriously disturbed twins. No thanks.

The Woman in Black – Susan Hill

Image result for the woman in black

The typical setting of a haunted house in a cut off location mixed with Susan Hill’s writing makes this a great novel to fit in before Halloween.

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