Halloween Recommendations


Goosebuds – 3 guys talk about Goosebumps books – it’s hilarious because they rip into the books while remaining a certain fondness that you have for stuff you loved as a kid but know is a bit crap.

Books in the Freezer – For book recommendations in the horror genre

Underwood and Flinch – If you hated Twilight as a teen and wanted a much more interesting vampire, check out this podcast novel about Underwood the vampire and his manservant Flinch.


Image result for bird box cover
Bird Box –
Josh Malerman
Image result for dorian gray cover
The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde
Image result for come closer cover
Come Closer – Sara Gran
Image result for woman in black book cover
The Woman in Black – Susan Hill
Image result for the shining book cover
The Shining – Stephen King
Image result for dolores claiborne book cover
Dolores Claiborne – Stephen King


For kids (or scaredycats!): Coraline, Hotel Transylvannia, Frankenweenie

Something a bit stronger!: It: Chapter 1 (I’m obsessed with this fandom!) Orphan (Isabelle Fuhrman is amazing as Esther), The Sixth Sense (remember your tissues), The Others (my favourite ghost story)

Classics everyone should see: Halloween (Michael Myers = Halloween) The Birds (underrated Hitchcock), Scream (This film is so bad but that’s the point…)

Youtube Channels (Basically my favourite creepypasta channels!)


Horror faves from my 90s childhood

Films: Scooby Doo on Zombie Island (I loved the fact that they were real monsters, not just people in masks!)

Books: Goosebumps (I loved Say Cheese and Die, Werewolf Skin, The, A Night in Terror Tower and The Ghost Next Door). Then as I got older I moved onto Point Fear – I got an audiobook of Funhouse from the library once and I was so freaked out by it.)

TV: Goosebumps (again… I loved those crappy shows) and Are you Afraid of The Dark? (my favourite one I remember was The Tale of The Prom Queen – so American!)

Idol: Wednesday Addams. I loved her and every year I dressed as her for trick or treating.

Image result for wednesday addams

So there you have it! Let me know your Halloween favourites down below.

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