Celebrating pride during lockdown

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post – to be honest, I think I fell out of love with blogging for a little while. But given the situation the world is in, and that one of my favourite events of the summer has been cancelled, I wanted to set myself a challenge. So every day this month I’m going to write a blog post with an LGBT theme to celebrate pride month.

Bisexual pride flag - Wikipedia

Today, I’m starting off with a few ways to celebrate pride, without actually being at a pride event. Let me know in the comments how you’re celebrating this month.

Watch your favourite queer film or series

Whether it’s your favourite classic that you’ve watched a million times before, or you’re going to try out a new film we’re lucky to have some great independent films with queer rep, and mainstream is starting to get it right now too (at least, most of the time!)

Join in with a readathon

There are some really fun readathons taking place this month. Here are a few based around LGBTQ+ themes:

Pride Readathon – running 1 – 30 June, based on reading books with main characters from across the spectrum

Prideathon – running 1 – 30 June, “a readathon to celebrate intersectional lgbtqiap+ pride”

Spectrum Reads – running for the month of June, there are weekly reading challenge themes as well as an Instagram photo challenge

Gays Gone By – running 8 – 14 June, for fans of historical fiction

Donate money to an organisation that helps LGBT+ people in your country or area

Charities have been hit really hard by the coronavirus as they haven’t been able to open their charity shops or do a lot of pre-planned fundraising events. If you’re able to, why not donate some money to your favourite LGBT charity?

Put up a pride flag

If you’re out, why not put up a pride flag in your bedroom or in a window to show your support for the community? Lots of people have flags from previous pride marches or events that you could display, or if that’s not your style you could change your phone background, or add a pride badge to your jacket.

Pride Inside

From 28th June to 5th July, Pride Inside is taking place with performances, talks and workshops from artists and activists from across the community. And the great thing is, with it all taking place online, you can enjoy the events without even getting out of your pjs. Click here for more info on the Amnesty International website.

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