Recommendations: LGBT short films

Short films are something I don’t normally think to watch until they come up on my Youtube recommended, but there are some truly beautiful films out there to be enjoyed. I wanted to highlight five of my favourites today – if you have any recommendations, I’d love to see them in the comments below!

In a Heartbeat – Beth David and Esteban Bravo

This video has been watched over 42 million times since it was released in 2017 so if you haven’t seen it already, where have you been?! The thing I love about this movie is that there are no words, so it can be enjoyed by people of any language.

The Real Thing – Brandon Kelley

A beautiful film about a father/soldier coming home from duty to find that his daughter has started her transition. Again, this tells a powerful story in only two words which is incredible. If you don’t cry, you’re a stronger person than me!

Son of a Preacher Man – Tom Goss

Basically a music video for Tom Goss singing the classic “Son of a Preacher Man, with a boy who falls in love with the son of the local preacher, despite the preacher’s homophobic attitudes.

Standing up for your Best Friend – Peccadillo Pictures

How could I not have a Peccadillo Pictures short on this list? I love a lot of their films, and their Youtube channel has a playlist dedicated to their shorts. This one follows a guy who finds out his best friend is gay and has to decide if he’s going to stick by his friend and risk receiving homophobia himself, or turn his back to keep his “reputation.”

Prom Night – Jenna Larson

A sweet film about a closeted girl who has to make a decision at prom – go along with the heteronormative prom queen image or be out and proud with her girlfriend.

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