My favourite LGBT+ Youtubers

Whether you watch Youtube for entertainment purposes or because you want to educate yourself more on a topic, there are some brilliant LGBT+ Youtubers that deserve to be celebrated. Some of these channels have taught me a lot about issues I was previously ignorant about, while others are just fun to watch. I’d love to hear about your favourite queer youtubers.


Sam Collins

What to expect: Sassy comments on stupid content transphobes have posted on the interwebs.

Favourite videos:

Is “Cisgender” a slur?

She was bullied for being homophobic

Kaitlin Bennett is getting legal on me


What to expect: Educational videos on trans* topics as well as reaction videos to homo/transphobia.

Favourite videos:

Having a transgender brother

FTM Outro – Transition start to finish

A song about being trans



What to expect: Videos on topics that affect bisexual people (Dating, coming out, the wider community)

Favourite videos:

My Coming Out Story!

Gay Relationship

25 Things NOT TO SAY to bisexuals

Melanie Murphy

What to expect: Vlogs in a beautiful Irish accent ❤

Favourite videos:

My Boyfriend and my Bisexuality

Dating as a bisexual (the truth)

How I realised I’m bisexual (Animation)


What to expect: Singer/songwriter – most of her videos are her music, but she came out as bi on her channel.

Favourite videos:

I’m bisexual – a coming out song!

bi questions


Favourite videos:

invisible bisexuals


Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

What to expect: Educational videos on topics of disability, sexuality, and religion.

What NOT to say to an LGBTQ+ person

My coming out story

Should non-LGBTQ+ people go to pride?

Rose and Rosie

What to expect: F/F couple talking about entertainment and their experiences they have as a couple.

Favourite videos:

Rating lesbian kisses

Rating gay ships on Netflix

Draw my relationship


Riyadh K

What to expect: Funny videos on a range of queer topics.

Favourite videos:

My boss told me to sound less gay – Here’s why I didn’t listen

The LGBT+ self-defence class tackling hate crime

Coming Out & Dad’s Shocking Confession

Gary C

What to expect: Videos on Disney, mental health and (occasionally) LGBT topics.

Favourite videos:

Dating Disasters

The Coming Out Process & LGBTQ Pride

ShadyTown – Roly


Rowan Ellis

What to expect: Video essays on queer topics and entertainment

Favourite videos:

How much do people know about LGBT history?

Comforting LGBTQ+ movies for difficult times

Mainstream: The Future of Queer Cinema?


What to expect: Reaction videos (mostly to piercing failures but also to a lot of stupid/funny homophobic stuff). Roly is hilarious and has one of the most infectious laughs!

Favourite videos:

Gays react to anti-gay videos from Kaitlin Bennett

Gays react to CRINGE Gay Dating Show

Are the Straights OK? Reacting to Reddit

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